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N,N-4,4-diphenylmethyene bismaleimide BMI resin
BMI powder
BMI powder


BMI manufactured by Yangchen Tech  can give the material outstanding mechanical properties at high and low temperatures (-200℃~260℃), high electrical insulation, abrasion resistance, aging and chemical corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, difficult to volatility in a high vacuum, as well as excellent adhesion, resistance to heat and humidity and oil-free self-lubrication, is a variety of polymer materials and new rubber modifiers, but also as a crosslinking agent, coupling aget, and curing agent of other polymer compounds. It can also be used as cross-linking agent, coupling agent and curing agent of other polymer compounds.

  • CAS No :

  • Name :

    N,N-4,4-diphenylmethyene bismaleimide
  • Abbreviation :

    BMI or BDM
  • Appearance :

    Yellow powder
  • Molecular Formula :

  • Molecular weight :

  • Lead Time :

    5-7 Days
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Abbreviation: BMI or BDM

Molecular formula: C21H14N2O4

Molecular weight: 358.37

Appearance: light yellow solid powder;

Melting point: 150~160°C;

Solubility: Hardly soluble in water and ethanol, easily soluble in acetone and dimethylformamide.

CAS NO: 13676-54-5

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Structure formula of BMI resin



Certification of Analysis







Yellow powder

Yellow powder


Dissolved, with trace impurities

Fully soluble, clear

Melting Point℃









Acidity mgkoH/g



Gel time






Application of N,N'-(4,4' DIPHENYLMETHANE)BISMALEIMIDE manufactured by Yangchen Tech


BMI application areas known as the high temperature of the universal plastic polyamine - bismaleimide is also increasingly widely used in many areas of high and new technology, mainly:

1. Motor insulation materials

High-temperature impregnation paint (solvent and solvent-free), enameled wire paint, laminates, weftless tape, mica tape, electronic copper-clad plate, moulded plastics, epoxy-modified F ~ H-class powder coating, casting parts, and so on;

2.Advanced composite material matrix resin 

Aerospace, aviation structural materials, carbon fibre high-temperature resistant structural parts, high-grade printed circuit boards and other functional materials, etc;

3.Engineering plastics 

Such as polypropylene PP, nylon PA, ABS, APC, PVC, PBT, EPDM, PMMA and other materials, enhancement modifier (such as polypropylene glass fibre enhancement modification by adding <1% of BMI-01, you can make the mechanical strength and martin heat-resistant doubled, the effect is significant), but also can be used for the new type of rubber vulcanising agent;

4.Wear-resistant materials

Diamond grinding wheels, heavy-duty grinding wheels, brake pads, high-temperature bearing adhesives, magnetic materials and so on;


Oil-free lubrication of fertiliser-generating (synthetic ammonia) machinery and equipment, dynamic and static sealing materials, and many other high-tech fields. 


BMI  manufactured by Yangchen Tech as a heat-resistant structural materials, H-class or F-class electrical insulation materials, a more ideal resin matrix, widely used in aviation, aerospace, electric power, electronics, computers, communications, automobiles, railways, construction and other industrial fields.


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PE bag lined with PE film, net weight 25kg/bag.


About us



Q1: Is Yangchen Tech a manufacturer or trading company?

A: We are the first N,N'-(4,4' DIPHENYLMETHANE)BISMALEIMIDE manufacturer in China, with an annual production capacity of 3000 tons.


Q2: Does Yangchen Tech provide free samples?

A: We can provide you with free samples for your testing .


Q3: How to pay for the order?

A: We accept payment by T/T.


Q4: Does Yangchen Tech provide technical support for customers?

A: Yes, we do. Each customer's application is unique in some ways. Our customized services of BMI are designed to better meet your needs. Based on our 30+ years of experience in the rubber additives industry, we can provide technical support services based on your specific needs.





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